Kalaa Kendra


Esha Rajadhyaksha Rangmanch Pravesh

January 5, 2019

Esha is a Junior at Hamilton High School in Chandler, Arizona. She has been learning the Indian Dance form of Kathak since the age of six at the Kalaa Kendra Performing Arts under the guidance of Smt. Radhika Kotwal. She has been the recipient of the Student of the Year award in 2015 and 2017 and the first recipient of the Teaching Assistant Award in 2018.

Esha has been a part of numerous individual and group dance performances at various venues in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Besides Kathak, Esha plays the Piano and the Guitar. She plays on the Junior Varsity Tennis team and is also the founder of the “Quilling for Hope” club at Hamilton High School.


Nataraj Stutti: Taal-Rupak. Vocals: Asha Bhosle, Choreography: Radhika Kotwal

  • Nataraj is the dancing form of Lord Shiva and his form symbolizes an eternal rhythm and harmony of life. Nataraj Stutti is a prayer or invocation

Taal Teentaal Live Improvisations: Tabla: Prafulla Athalye, Rabab: Qais Essar, Padhant & Choreography: Radhika Kotwal

  • Several compositions, starting with the Thaat- Stylized subtle nuances, Aamad, Salaami, Todas, Tukdas, Parans, Gintis, visually beautiful gaits, Tatkaar- footwork, Tihais, and complex patterns will be presented

Kathak Technical nuances: Musical & Choreography: Prashant Shah

  • This composition stresses on technique and shows the dancer’s readiness and skills to embark on their own journey of performing

Thumri: Music: Noopur Nritya Academy, Choreography; Radhika Kotwal

  • In this Thumri, Radha is seen to narrate her tale of how Krishna keeps playing pranks on her. Annoyed at his initial pranks, she can’t help but admire her little Krishna when he returns her stolen trinkets

Taal Dhamaar Live Improvisations: Tabla: Prafulla Athalye, Rabab: Qais Essar, Padhant & Choreography: Radhika Kotwal

  • This composition in Taal Dhamaar(14 beat cycle) illustrates conventional Kathak techniques where the performance will move from slow to fast tempo to a climax

Lucknow Gharana Style Composition: Music & Choreography: Prashant Shah

  • Focusing on the Lucknow style, Smt Kumudini Lakhia, one of the living legends of this style has [assed on some of her choreographic elements and signature style to the Kathak world through her disciples

Hori Contemporary Style: Music: Ila Paliwal, A.R. Rahman, Ranjit Barot. Taal: Keherwa, Choreography: Radhika Kotwal

  • The tradition of playing colors draws its roots from the stories of Radha and Krishna. Radha expresses her playful mood of celebrating this festival with none other than her beloved Krishna

Taraana: Composition by: Pt. Birju Maharaj, Choreography: Radhika Kotwal

  • Taraana – a composition in Hindustani classical music wherein certain words and syllables, phonemes are rendered at a medium(madhya) or fast(drut) pace(laya)