“Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances.” – Maya Angelou

Kalaa Kendra Newsletter

February 2020


1. Website:

A few features to note:

  • There is a link to the parent portal as well as the 2019-2020 calendar
  • Mytreyi has also put a “curriculum” tab which will contain the syllabus taught at Kalaa Kendra. The syllabus is password protected and there will be more details to come about this feature soon!
  • For new students who haven’t gotten the newsletter before, the website also has a button for all the past newsletters and will update with the new ones as they come out.

Make sure to visit the website regularly, it is a great way of keeping in touch!
Here is a link to the website: http://radhikakotwal.com/kalaa-kendra/

2. Payment!
We will be adding the next fee for Feb-May on February 19th and the late fee will activate 15 days later so make sure to get the payment in on time

3. Ghungaroos
Many students are needing ghungaroos, so for those who haven’t gotten theirs yet, please let your individual instructor know and also give them the cash directly.

4. Costumes:
For anyone who doesn’t fit into their costume from last year or needs to get one, let your instructor know, so we can place an order soon for the March Gala and any other performances!

5. Studio Location:
Following the email that was sent out a few months, we wanted to update you that we are still at the same location for the rest of the year and we are talking with the building owner for incorporating better security measures!

March Gala

Our March Gala is coming up and all the students are practicing in full swing for the annual show!

WHEN: Sunday March 29, 2020
WHERE: Tempe Marketplace ADDRESS: 2000 E Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe, AZ 85281

Instructions on your performance piece will be given to you by your instructors in class!

Also a huge shoutout to our event coordinator Surabhi Sajith!

Important Dates

President’s Day: 2/16
Spring Break: 3/8
March 7th: Amor al Baile 6 is coming to the Tempe Center for the Arts and one of your senior batches has been invited to perform a piece in collaboration with the Yumi la Rosa Flamenco Dance Company. Please come to support our students!

March 28th (Performance Opportunity): HHRDs Global Village Festival 2020
We would love it if a few of the Kalaa Kendra batches took this opportunity to perform at this event!
This event is by Helping Hand USA and is collaborating with the South Mountain Community College and is from 12-5 PM
Address: 7050 South 24th St, Phoenix, AZ 85042

March 29th: March Gala and Showcase (see details above)

May 17th: Final Exam: (more details coming later)


Our 2019-2020 school year was filled with many wonderful accomplishments.
Here are a few shoutouts to some of the students who have done some performances this year as well as taking Kathak outside the classroom!

Surabhi Sajith and Swati Kumar performed on February 2nd at the 2020 Lakshya hosted by the ABCD School of Dance. The contest had over 100 contestants in 7 categories. The duet won the Senior Duo Solo Group Award for a beautiful tarana piece! Congratulations ladies!

Another shoutout goes to Prisha Shroff! She did a wonderful solo performance at her school Basha AMS! Props off to her 🙂

We’ve also had a few students working behind the scenes as well!
  • A huge shoutout to Mytreyi Trivedi for making and refreshing the Kalaa Kendra website!
  • The staff at Kalaa Kendra have also noticed the passion of the students and admire those who come in to learn despite not always feeling well or having injuries. Thank you for your passion, it really shows!

Performances and Rehearsals 2019/2020

One of our advanced batches performed at India Night on Saturday January 25th! They did a wonderful job and to see the video, go follow @kalaakendrakathak on Instagram!

Our fifth year batch getting their 100 bell ghungaroos!

Rangmanch Pravesh 

We have some senior students lined up for Rangmanch 2021 and beyond!

Lined up for 2021 we have a solo performance by Mihira Karnik and a duet performance by Mytreyi Trivedi and Ira Puranik

There will be more details coming soon on these Rangamnches as well as for the other ones coming afterwards…we are so excited to see them!