Kalaa Kendra Newsletter

March 2019

  • We are excited to present our third annual Kalaa Kendra Gala which is coming up on Sunday March 31st. Student rehearsals are in full swing and we are excited for everyone to see the wonderful choreographies! The Gala will take place at the Tempe Marketplace District Stage at 3:30 PM. For all the Kalaa Kendra dancers, please make sure to arrive there no later than 2:45 PM fully dressed with makeup and jewelry on.
  • Mark your calendars for our new and improved in house production Naari! This event will take place on Saturday April 6th 2019 at the Bullpitt Auditorium. The program starts at 4:30 PM and Kalaa Kendra families and friends can get tickets at iacconnect.org. Get your tickets soon!
  • Costumes will be handed in class on Sunday March 24th. Please make sure that you bring cash only and exact change! Separate batch emails will be sent out to notify you about the exact cost.
  • Mar. 24 – Batch costumes will be handed out in class
  • Mar. 31 – March Gala
  • April 6 – Naari
  • May 19 – Final Exam
Full 2018-2019 Academic Calendar with external events is available on the Parent Portal.
Our senior students recently participated in the annual Amor de Baile showcase alongside Yumi la Rosa and her Flamenco Dance Company! They performed a tarana which they learned in the Hemant Panwar workshop that was held in October and got to show off their new, colorful batch costumes!

We’re excited to continue expanding our management and instructor teams as we grow, including students past and present.

Artistic Director / Founder: Radhika Kotwal
Assistant Director: Alma Griffin
Instructors: Radhika Kotwal, Rachna Mathur, Alma Griffin, Esha Rajadyaksha
Assistant Instructors: Esha Rajadhyaksha, Simran Sall, Ananyaa Mahajan

Marketing, Operations and Communications: Ananyaa Mahajan, Simran Sall, Esha Rajadhyaksha and Anuka Upadhye
Events Team:  Esha Rajadhyaksha, Shalini Mathy, Prashansa Sharma
Social Media Team: Simran Sall, Esha Rajadhyaksha

Please reach out to us if you are interested in being part of the Kalaa Kendra Management or Instructor team!