Radhika Kotwal

Director & Founder of Kalaa Kendra Performing Arts
Radhika Kotwal has been a Kathak performing artist for the past 30 years. A Nritya Vishaarad (graduate) and recipient of prestigious awards, she founded Kalaa Kendra in 2006 and has trained hundreds of students over the years. Radhika has served as a national level examiner and has been invited to judge classical competitions, conduct several workshops & lecture demonstrations. She is known to preserve the purity of this dance style through her choreographies and yet collaborate with other western forms such as Flamenco, Ballet, Tap and modern contemporary. Some of her productions include Milaap, Darbaar and most notably Naari – the journey of a Woman.
In addition to her formal Kathak role as an instructor, Radhika has been instrumental in supporting art fundraisers/campaigns and is passionate about inspiring new budding artists through her company’s programs.
Radhika is a trained Hindustani classical singer, enjoys music & composing poetry and is also an electrical engineer working in the tech industry.
Radhika Kotwal: Founder and teacher at Kalaa Kendra