Back to School/August 2019 Newsletter

Welcome Back!

Welcome new and returning students to a fun and exciting new year at Kalaa Kendra! Before coming to class, there a few important things you need to do and know.


First thing is enrolling in your class.

For all returning students, please use this link to get to the online registration page in the parent portal:

For new students joining in beginners/Level 1 batch, here are the instructions for how to sign up:
1. Create an account through the link
2. Go to “My Students” tab to add your student (fill out all required fields of information)
3. Once you’ve added your student, click the “Register” button
4. Register for the appropriate class (for all new students, this should be Level 1)
5. Complete your registration by clicking the green “Finish Registration Now” icon. This will allow you to pay the tuition fee. Reminder that payment is due by Aug 18th.


Once you’ve finished enrolling, we will be able to post your tuition to your accounts.

Important tuition dates:
August 18: $250 due  for August through October including workshop fee.Workshop is mandatory.
November 3: $275 due for November through February
March 4: $350 due.  This payment includes mandatory exam fee of $100 and Gala fee of $40. 

This information will be updated on the parent portal as well when it comes closer to the next fee installment. Although the system is designed to send automatic late fee reminders, please do not rely on these. Late fees will kick in 15 days after each fee payment date.

Batch Timings

Radhika’s Batches
12:00-1:00 PM: Level 5
1:00-2:00 PM: Advanced 1
2:00-3:00 PM: Advanced 2

Alma’s Batches:
12:00-1:00 PM: Level 3
1:00-2:00 PM: Level 4
2:00-3:00 PM: Level 2
Ms. Alma’s batches will have some revised timings starting September. Details will be shared with students as soon as studio availability is confirmed for morning hours. Until then, these batch timings will apply

Rachna’s Batch:
2:00-3:00 PM: Level 2 Adults

Esha’s Batch:
1:00-2:00 PM: Level 1
Esha will be dividing her batch into 2 beginner level batches going forward – one catered towards kids (12-1pm) and other for adults (1-2pm). Due to new enrollments in her batch, we are allowing some time for her batch to settle to get final count of distribution of adults and kids. Until then, please assume these timings in a single batch and attend from 1-2pm only

Back to School Instructions/Expectations

After you’ve finished enrolling and paying the tuition, you’re all set to start your Kalaa Kendra classes this fall! A few notes for both returning and new students:

1. Come to class 5-10 minutes before so you have time to tie ghungaroos and get yourself ready for class
2. Bring your ghungaroos! This year we will be a little stricter on wearing ghungaroos in class. Every student who has gotten ghungaroos should wear them every class.
3. Bring a bottle of water.
4. Tie your hair neatly
5. Always come dressed in Indian attire.
6. Have fun!

Coming Soon!  

Two of our senior students are creating the new Kathak look book! Be on the lookout to buy this editorial dance booklet that features our Kalaa Kendra students, including past events like the annual Gala, Milaap, Darbaar, Naari, and more! Learn about the behind the scenes of our many productions, and the projects we will be doing this upcoming year! This look book will be a nice opportunity to see all what Kalaa Kendra has done in the past and give you ideas on what will be occurring soon.

Important Workshop Dates

What is a Kalaa Kendra school year without its workshops? This year we have two workshops.
Mandatory Annual Intensive Workshop: all day block your calendars on Sept 22nd: Hemant Kanwar, a senior disciple of Rajendra Gangani  will be visiting from Canada third time in a row. Thanks to Alma for getting him back in town! Exact timings will follow as we get closer.

Advanced Workshop with Nirupama and Rajendra, Lucknow Gharana Kumudini Lakhia style: Exponents of the Lucknow style and a true personal inspiration and influence for Radhika, it is a great honor to be welcoming Nirupama didi and Rajendra Bhaiyya in the valley this year through Asha Gopal’s institute who is hosting them. Thanks to Rachna’s personal connection with them, a few of our intermediate and advanced students will get to attend these 2 hour evening sessions daily on Sept 19th, 20th and 21st. Exact timings to follow, please mark your calendars for these evenings if you want to attend.

Here are some pictures from last year’s workshop with Hemant Ji!